Euro VI CNG Bus
  • Benz engine Germany , Equipped with anti-slip flooring , All passenger door handle, stainless steel pipes and stainless ,Door color camera and reverse gear
  • The driver is equipped with a luxury separate cabin with storage for personal belongings ,Cooler with high cooling capacity Europe with the lowest volume of gas with the technology and with the new technology by reducing 1/3 weight compared to the same , Two-piece pneumatic passenger door opening systems equipped with anti-trap sensor passengers the right passenger door with the form of aluminum 2 pcs
  • The skeletal structure for steel monocoque ,Tensile steel sheets for automobile body sheets ,Connecting two rooms equipped with the most modern technology with Habnr elements and troubleshooting control and flexibility in all working conditions ,Equipped with gearbox Akvlayf

Model:Mercedes-Benz M936G

No. of cylinder:6 in-line cylinder

Max. power:222 Kw / 304 hp @ 2000 RPM

Max. torque:1200 N.m @ 1200-1600 RPM

Displacement:7.7 Liter

Others:Turbo charger .Inter cooler. Hydrofan (Rexroth) . Fuel injection

CNG tank capacity: 6*160 Liter CNG cylinders, Type III

Emission standard:EURO VI

Gearbox :Automatic ZF / Automatic Voith .

Suspension system : Front : 2 air bellows with 2 telescopic shock absorbers , Rear : 4 air bellows with 4 telescopic shock absorbers.

Axle : Front: ZF / Mercedes Benz . Max.: 7500 kg , Rear : ZF / Mercedes Benz . Max.: 13000 kg

Steering : ZF Power steering . Pneumatically adjustable steering wheel

Braking system:Front and rear disc brakes ,ABS & ASR, Retarder.

Tyre :Tubeless 275/70 R 22.5

Body:Low floor & Low entry

Heating system:4 units of heater inside passenger cabin & one dashboard heater. Defroster

Cooling system :45Kw - 37000 Kcal/h . Bock / Bitzer compressor

Doors:2 passenger doors ( right side )

Interior trimming :Luxury trimming (with European standards)

Others:Separate driver's cabin - Kneeling - LED lighting - Rearview camera - USB player - Six speakers - Manual ramp - CAN – Quartz-based carpets - Steel handrails - Fire extinguishers: Automatic Engine Cab Fire Extinguisher - Double glazing side window